Durst Not Forget



Durst Not Forget


It’s the first time in the second season I’ve had Forget-Me-Nots return as a larger cluster than they were the previous year (normally they dwindle and/or peter out).  I think I finally found a good spot in my garden, even as this blue blossomed beauty now extends beyond the outside perimeter of the garden boundary line.  Instead of restricting this beautiful expanding cluster to the original planned boundaries, I have expanded the boundaries to embolden its extended reach.


Columbine. As in the flower.



I never knew.  I never knew until this weekend at the nursery.  A nursery of the lawn and garden variety.  I never knew that Columbine, before it was a headline of tragedy whose  anniversary just passed, is actually the name of a beautiful flower.

So I sent out a little prayerful thought for those family and friends who mourn the losses of their loved ones on that dark day in history, and then I picked up a couple flowers, which will now be a reminder each year of the precious gift called life.

Columbine Purple

Contents of a not-so-much-a-Jewelry-Box, Box – Series: It’s the 80s and “I am (NOT) Loved”


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Walking through my bedroom, a mottled red box that is on most occasions unconsidered caught the corner of my eye, and acquired attentiveness yet further as I opened it up to peruse its contents of yesteryear. My yesteryear, but also interwoven with the yesteryear of others, directly or indirectly.

Before there was the Internet and Facebook where one could indicate their relationship status, there were these little pins. “I AM LOVED”

Back in the 80s when these came out, the trend was that a person wore these right side up if they had a boyfriend/girlfriend.  Mine was infinitely upside down. Teen angst sneered at mom when she tried to plea, “But you are loved, because we love you very much.”

“Geez, Mom! You just don’t get it.”

The Hawk and the Little Red Bird


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That moment a hawk flies through the air space of your front porch on a sunny yet chilly morning in mid-February. I’ve seen hawks around before. I’ve even seen them in my yard. One was actually chased away by several sparrows of some variety who had taken up residence in my little oak tree this past summer. The hawk had landed on the tiny patch of ground I call my front yard. I figured those smaller birds were in parental mode, protecting their young. I mentioned the occurrence to an acquaintance shortly thereafter but was adamantly advised that hawks do not go after other birds. I can now confidently say that that is not the case.
Front Window

This morning I saw through the curtains a mottled tan blur, and more distinctly above, long feathered wings back-dropped by the white tongue-and-groove ceiling of my porch, of what I was certain to be a hawk. A hawk on a mission. I dashed to where I keep my camera near that same front window, and while digging the camera from its bag I was simultaneously peering out the window and saw a small reddish bird. It was about the size of a house finch, but more mauve-like across its entire body, sleek, and with a long-ish tail. This little bird was sitting on the lower railing at the end of my porch, earnestly looking around, hopping in near circles, oblivious to my presence as it notably had a more prominent danger at hand. It then darted off the protective railing in the direction around the side of my house and swoosh, the streak of a hawk jetted after its prey. I ran outside but they were no more to be seen. I don’t know which would prove to be the victor of this morning’s game of life.

Note:  The cover image is not my own photo.  I was unable to get a picture of either bird.


Enchanted Journey in a Midwest City


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Always before, I was with my children.  Amazing as those times were, I was busy being a parent. And I didn’t have a camera.

I gave myself a personal day to play, paint brush in one hand and camera in the other.  I pondered posting of this magnificent, somewhat hidden treasure.  But then I realized I don’t have a big enough following to worry about what I like to think of as a secret in the city. City Museum, St. Louis, MO.  They craft and make with donated items, re-purposing at the very core in oh so cool ways.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I got word that they were repainting rollers they re-purposed to the likes of spindles along stairway and balcony railings.  Art Deco painting. Yeah, baby!  And they were opening it to the public, via paid general admission, during an announced date and time. Yes! Yes! Yes! However, being the responsible adult I generally am,  duty called and the moment was lost. The first time for them to be repainted in 20 years. So when I heard there was to be another session, I informed my client I would not be working that day, no matter what. I am soooooo glad I took my camera. (If you haven’t guessed, there are some pictures.)  The rollers got me there, but then……

Did I mention the caves and 10-story high slides, and constructs of wire and other mediums forming human habitrails throughout?  Yes, any time you see a big spiraling wire structure, people are able to travel through such, sometimes several stories above ground.

I didn’t even go to the outdoor MonstroCity, though you can see snippets of such through a couple windows. Next time.

But until then, I hope you enjoy the pictures. (Categories:  The Rollers, Wired Up, Caves, Eclectic Assortment)

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The Rollers


Wired Up


Eclectic Assortment


On a Foggy Winter’s Morning


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There is a field to the side of the road near my work destination that I knew would look way-cool this morning. I actually went a slightly different route, just for that reason, as I wanted to take some pictures. Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions, pulling off on the side of the road screamed of an accident waiting to happen and the only other way to get a vantage point was restricted, as I didn’t have a hard hat with me. (Yes, I actually have safety glasses in my car.  I have a hard-hat, too, but alas, it was at home.)

I did find a little spot with a few trees that had to suffice.

Fog 12112015-trees

My Little Oak Tree


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In the Fall of 2003 I bought my house where a small stick less than a foot high stuck out of the front yard.  I was told it was an oak tree. (See the red arrow and red circle next to the garbage cans in the picture below?  Yeah, I know you can’t see the stick, but that’s where it is.)

Little Oak Tree

And the following summer, it remained a tiny stick, though it sprouted 3-4 leaves for the season. (If you look really hard, you can see it where the second arrow points.)

One of my neighbors, for the next several years would laugh at my stick.

Then one year, my little oak tree shot off like a rocket. Each year growing taller, and its branches broadly reaching outward.  It started keeping its leaves through the winter, changing from green straight to brown.  I’ve had beautiful bowed branches in the winter under the weight of snow.

November 16 2014 - Oak Tree and Snow

Even in small dustings.

It always bypassed the beautiful colors of autumn.  And I was always a little bit sad about that.

This year’s autumn, however, produced a new layer of beauty.  Not vibrant red or golden yellow or fiery orange.  No. But a beauty that reminds me of ones’ life journey, worn with aging through the challenges met yet the warm glow of life coursing through the veins.

I love my little oak tree.

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Fairies in the Emerald City


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A recent cherished visit with family in the Emerald City presented a bonus visit to a tiny and magical Emerald Land deep in the heart of….. Okay, it was a casual stride across the narrow street in a charming neighborhood of Wallingford, followed by the ascension of several steps.  Such steps have been the pathway to the residing place of the creator of a local known Christmas Holiday display adored by so many in recent years. This summer, Fairies have taken up residency in a much more secluded manner.  It appears they are quite happy here and are making plans to expand upon their established real estate in a most Eco-friendly way.

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