I am not a professional photographer.  I don’t have high quality cameras and lenses and filters.  I don’t even have a respectable editing tool, though Photoshop is on my wish list. That being said, I love taking pictures.  I also like playing with pictures to the point of creating more of an abstract art. Maybe something will catch your eye or touch your heart or light a smile upon your face.



Christmas Album

6 thoughts on “Fauxtos”

  1. take Lightroom itś easier and a lot cheaper…
    or test Freeware Clone “LIGHTZONE” rel. 4 – download and test…
    download menu left column DOWNLOADS FOR LIGHTZONE
    or watch my december post:

    feel free dear Teresa and best overseas greets from northest german coastline…

  2. Ditto to the recommendation above re Lightroom (also an Adobe product). Save your $ for a camera and lenses! You have a great eye and heart for photography.

  3. Thank you, both.

  4. Cameras are cheap anymore.I use a $40 from wally world ! √ it out !

    • Yeah, there are lots of cameras that are cheap. And I will check again. Though I did a mid-range camera as well as Photoshop since I wrote the intro here. I really like working with focus and lighting. Right now mainly natural lighting.

  5. *Though I did get a mid-range….

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