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First stop for my Small Business Saturday was Verona Coffee. On Main Street in Collinsville.  I just recently learned they have board games that their customers may play while there. Pretty cool, I think.

Verona Coffee Logo

Then I headed over to Will and Co to meet with the owner, Ardis. What an a-Mazing human being she is. We had some business to discuss. Keep watch for an upcoming label.

Will and Co_Logo with Wedding Dress

She needed to make a swing over to Office Depot to pick up a banner for Will and Co’s Black Friday Sale, (featuring Bridal Dresses, Formal/Party Dresses and Children’s Dresses priced to move. Btw… due to an error on the banner, you will be able to get a Wedding Dress for not just $79 but…, $75).

ALL Wedding Dresses for $75.

So I had time to swing by the St. Clair Antique Mall, on Salem Place in Fairview Heights, IL,  as I am on the search for a certain something as a Christmas gift for someone. While there, I overheard a man asking one of the people working if there was a Model Train store in the area. One person referenced about one in Belleville, but it had closed, and then said he may need to go over to St. Louis.

I recalled there was a place that dealt with cars, and maybe trains in Collinsville, IL. (If I missed you, I am sorry, I didn’t find your name via quick Google search.) However, I did locate and informed the man of K-10’s Model Trains in Maryville, IL, so I hope you got a new customer today. He and his wife were in the area for the day doing holiday shopping from Mt. Vernon, IL.

k-10s Model Trains

Later today after returning home I was sifting through the day’s mail. A new catalog caught my eye. Hammacher Schlemmer | Guaranteeing the Best, the Only, and the Unexpected for 171 years. I don’t know anything about them, but I figured I would definitely take a look. Or maybe I’ll just hear what you have to say.

Hammacher Schlemmer_Tag Line

I open to the first page to see kids on a large keyboard mat. Immediately the movie “Big” comes to mind, bringing a smile at the thought of the “Chopsticks” scene.

Then I see “The Hammacher Schlemmer Classic FAO Schwarts Train.” And I think to myself…., I bet that guy I came across earlier today would be taking a closer look at that.

FAO Schwarts Train

I also figure some of my video game friends would be drawn to a Classic Mini Arcade, including Pac Man

Image result for pac man GIF

and Galaga.

Image result for galaga Gifs

And for my laser printing geek friends there is… “The Word’s Slimmest 3D Printing Pen.” And personally, I may further research on “The Thousand Points of Light,”  a rainbow of colors (or white) fiber optic tree. Because…, well…, has anyone seen my Mama’s place for the Holidays? Anyway, I will look some more later.


Those Formal / Party Dresses for Will and Co’s Black Friday sale?

All Adult Size Dresses: $29 – $49

All Children’s Dresses: $10

If you know anyone who could use a fancy dress for the holidays or events, you might want to pass this info along.

Will & Co. is located at the O’Fallon Plaza on the border of O’Fallon and Fairview Heights, on the corner next to where Dandy Inn use to be.