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Value for the senses. Audio. Sound. Such as Corinthian Bells, by QMT Windchimes.  A business in the USA that has mastered a niche in audio excellence.

When neighbors tell you they like days they can open their windows and listen to your wind chimes hum, or they love walking by and hearing the chimes sing.

Note:  The main purpose of the video is to hear the tone or otherwise audio value. This business has mastered attending to detail.  Listen. Apologies for the wind distorted mic audio throughout.


They have nice songs in gentle breezes, too.

Making fond memories. That makes me smile.

Sounds that make people smile.


Ocean waves.

Here’s a cool little tidbit I just stumbled upon regarding ocean waves: https://indianapublicmedia.org/amomentofscience/ocean-sounds/

Back to task. Other sounds that triggers a fondness.

Crackling wood in a fire.

Ohhhh, a Harley-Davidson.

For those who would like to venture further down the Harley path on this mazewalk…
I found this:

What gives a Harley-Davidson motorcycle its distinctive sound?


But, what I wanted to do is ask you…

What are some of your favorite sounds?

What other businesses are excellent in a niche sound?

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