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Have you ever posted a Blog, shared it to Facebook and Twitter and then….?

You found a better Feature Image. You want to tweak the Headline. You discovered a typo you missed in the Hook.

Easy enough.  You go in and update your blog.  All fixed.

Except it doesn’t appear updated when you check on your Facebook or Twitter post.  It still shows the old thumbnail, or the boring headline, or that darn typo in your hook. You do a refresh. Nothing. You clear your browser’s cache. Still nothing.  You click on the blog link and see that it does take you to your updated blog post.  But how are you going to get people to click on it with that inferior picture, or that less than clever headline?

You could delete the Facebook and Twitter post and then do it again.

But what if you have had some traffic on it? What if it has traction you don’t want to lose?

Facebook has a developer tool that is super easy to use.

The Sharing Debugger.

Sharing Debugger - FB.PNG

Paste (or type) your Blog Post URL into the field provided and click the “Debug” button.

That should do it.  You may need to clear your browser cache, but I’ve found that is usually not necessary.

Twitter has a similar tool.

The Card validator.

Card Validator - Twitter


Again, that should do it, though you may need to clear your browser cache, but I’ve found that, this, too, is usually not necessary.

There you go.  Happy Blog Sharing.