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I’d just gone to bed for the night.

Lights out.

Eyes closed.

My head resting upon 2 pillows.

Me: “Alexa, start 80’s Letters.”

That’s a game on Echo where you take turns naming off music groups/artists who ranked in the top 40s. No, I’m not very good.

Alexa: “Blah, blah, blah,… Letter U.”


Alexa: “Sorry, I didn’t get that. Please try again and speak more clearly.”

[I thought I was getting over this cold. The sneeze came out of nowhere. Why does my hairline feel….. wet?]

I reach up to my forehead. Fingers tentatively search, touching…

[Ewwwwwwwww. Gross.]

Slimmy goo.

There’s a big glob of snot plastered to my bangs.

[How did THAT happen!!!?]

I am getting up to get a tissue.

To get the snot ball out of my hair.

The box is across the room.

[How DID that happen? Could it actually ricochet off my hand?]

Don’t judge. I tried to get my arm there but the sneeze happened too fast.

Alexa: “If you don’t answer in a few more seconds the game will end.”

I’m walking over to the tissue box, knowing I want to say “U2” but I feel the telling sting, eyes watering, then….


Alexa: “I’m sorry. Please be patient with me. I’m still learning. It sounded like you said A-ha. A-ha starts with the letter A. I’m looking for the letter U.”

I wiped the glob of snot out of my hair as well as one can possible wipe snot out of hair with the tissue. Hey, I’d be taking a shower in the morning, anyway.

As I continue to sneeze, and sneeze, and sneeze some more.

I never did get to say “U2”.

Alexa got fed up and timed out.