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Maze Walking

Photo Group Theme of the Week – Spirals



Oh, Spiiirals!

Rummage through vanity.

Wow! I forgot I had so many.

Flashback to Late 80s…

When you had to create big hair by way of a tall ponytail because even though your hair was long, it was….


and baby fine,

and straight-ish.
Hey Daddio!  So glad you had connections to a Spring Maker. Thanks!!!

Summer Road Trip from hometown Collinsville, Illinois (#justeastofthegatewaytothewest) up to Door County, Wisconsin with my “Little Sister” Barbi.

Family and Fun.

Driving my 1990 Red Geo PRISM, 5-speed, hatchback.

A tower — 6+ inches in color coordinated ponytail holders.

Ponytail sticking through the opening of the sunroof.
Beastie Boys and Violent Femmes cycling in the cassette player.



Road Construction

Good Times

Any memories or thoughts spurred? Maze Walk with me. Share in comments below.