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Music plays in the background on the radio as I edit client files. Suddenly I feel as though I should be in a local watering hole or at some such gathering place among friends and like-hearted beings. My mind inserts what is naturally the common day lyrical accompaniment by those gathered, as I become consciously aware of, … “Sweeeeeeet Car-o-line…., [______! ______! ________________!], Good times never seemed so good.” [__________!], [__________!], [__________!]

An inward chuckle of amusement arose.  A warm smile lingered as I found myself continuing to listen and envisioning groups of my friends sharing in moments. A sense of comradeship.  Nice.  It finished out and I get back to work.

Next up on the radio.

Can you guess?

“Here she comes now sayin’ Mony Mony….”

Yeah. Really. But no, I did not have a lingering smile while envisioning shared moments then. No. Just…, no.