4 thoughts on “2125”

  1. I build lattice to keep rats & armadillos & weeds out from under the porch {unkept}

    • I noted on my own garden walk that I need to do a bit tidying of around the gated area and a bit of weeding.

      I had a groundhog once try to make a home under the porch. That was several years ago.

      Deer ate on my primrose at the back of my yard, as well as my gora I planted back there just within the past month.

    • When you say you built lattice, do you trim up and install the pre-fabricated lattice made now? Those are made running diagnoly. My old house has verticle/horizontal lattice. I no longer have the saw I would have used to rough cut some boards and craft some new / old style. I’d get some rough cut at the hardware store though the other factor of hesitation has been that a 2×4 is a bit wider than these slats. Now wondering if there is something else comparable in width, other than a 2×4. If you make yours, what kind of wood do you use?

      • I used to make it using bundles of 4ft lath. But $10 for a 4×8 sheet of diagonal I will never waste the time building my own. However I am a ‘If nature gives me lemons I make lemon aide’ kinda guy sooo… 😉

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