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Kinda-sorta like that Brick Wall Optical Illusion thing, but not really.

From looking at this

I found this.

Lattice Alone

Seeing the forest through the trees (or in this case, the Forget-Me-Nots through the fronds.

Forget-Me-Nots behind Fern

But then, take a look at them there trees (or in this case, again, the fresh fern fronds of spring).

Fern before Forget-Me-Not

And then there’s this. Yeah. A bunch of blah, right?


I got super excited about seeing this.

Purple Basil Sprout

My basil plant from last year, sprouting.

Finally, while admiring the whimsical, non-conforming feel of this section of garden,Animal Path - Hidden Bird

I caught sight of something, non-conforming though it was, of which I felt compelled to tweak, or rather pluck, like that of a wild hair. Can you see what I did?

Animal Trail - Bird in View