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Galium 04252016

Galium odoratum – Sweet Woodruff (backdropped by Creeping Phlox)

I don’t know if Gallum would think of this low growing greenery with the tiny white flowers as being precious.  I’m actually not sure if I consider it precious, but I thought it would make for a clever title.

I planted this beneath what is normally identified as an out-of-control and invasive shrub which I believe to be a Japanese Honeysuckle though I’ve been experimenting in transforming it ever since it sprung into existence several years back into that of a miniature ornamental tree. However, I digress.

Galium was identified as a plant that could make a good addition at the base of trees and shrubs.  I have further just read its sweet vanilla-scented flower clusters are used to flavor May wines in Germany.  Hmmmm.

I haven’t smelled it yet.  Though I planted it last spring it had no blooms until this year.  I guess I’ll have to go out and take a sniff.  I wonder if I could toss some blooms in with my coffee grounds to get vanilla coffee?