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That moment a hawk flies through the air space of your front porch on a sunny yet chilly morning in mid-February. I’ve seen hawks around before. I’ve even seen them in my yard. One was actually chased away by several sparrows of some variety who had taken up residence in my little oak tree this past summer. The hawk had landed on the tiny patch of ground I call my front yard. I figured those smaller birds were in parental mode, protecting their young. I mentioned the occurrence to an acquaintance shortly thereafter but was adamantly advised that hawks do not go after other birds. I can now confidently say that that is not the case.
Front Window

This morning I saw through the curtains a mottled tan blur, and more distinctly above, long feathered wings back-dropped by the white tongue-and-groove ceiling of my porch, of what I was certain to be a hawk. A hawk on a mission. I dashed to where I keep my camera near that same front window, and while digging the camera from its bag I was simultaneously peering out the window and saw a small reddish bird. It was about the size of a house finch, but more mauve-like across its entire body, sleek, and with a long-ish tail. This little bird was sitting on the lower railing at the end of my porch, earnestly looking around, hopping in near circles, oblivious to my presence as it notably had a more prominent danger at hand. It then darted off the protective railing in the direction around the side of my house and swoosh, the streak of a hawk jetted after its prey. I ran outside but they were no more to be seen. I don’t know which would prove to be the victor of this morning’s game of life.

Note:  The cover image is not my own photo.  I was unable to get a picture of either bird.