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My teenage son and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Elephant Rocks State Park. I began to ponder the outcome of the trip as it began to rain and then further began to sleet on the drive there. As it turned out, the precipitation stopped just before our arrival, the wind lessened, and the sun came out.

I have fond memories of this place as a child growing up.  Tomboy that I was, I would climb and leap about with abandon. Now, walking and climbing about the park as a not-so-very-active 50+ year old, I found myself singing, “The Old Gray Mare,” to my sons embarrassment.

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Sorry bud,  I can’t fit through there now.

Crawl on my knees on that hard rock floor to get to that albeit way cool spot on the other side…, are you kidding me?

No, my boy, I have to go around this other way because my ankles can’t handle the impact of that 1 1/2 foot jump down.

Elephant Rock Cover ImageBut I am thankful that I am still able to climb and do what I can. And, seeing the trail for the blind, I am thankful I can see the many splendors there is to see. And it made me so happy that my teenage son willingly, no, he actually wantingly, went on this impromptu excursion with me and me alone, knowing I can’t get around like he can (any more).