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I am so excited.

I have wanted the beautiful blue flowered chicory seen growing along the highways and bi-ways for years now.

I’ve been blessed in receiving one from the Higher Power this summer.

To the disdain of my neighbors, who have not one clover or other ‘wild’ flower in their yards, it found its root in my driveway of gravel….. and dirt….. and a conglomerate of plant life.

Of course, it chose my driveway for its sunny and rocky conditions, similar to that of the roadsides you see this beautiful blue flower bedazzling in the morning hours.

I haven’t figured out where best to relocate it and it still thrive, which I most definitely want it to do.  Meanwhile, my son grumbles each time it is his turn to mow, which yes, includes my driveway, and he must go around my newly prized plant.

Did I mention that it’s edible?

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