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What colors light within your mind upon the utterance of autumn? Mine, I’m sure, are not like most.  Oh, I do, indeed, love autumn.  I love the colors, the sounds, the smells.  More than not, however, I am usually drawn to the overcast days baring steel gray skies as backdrop to dark dampened bark and leaves which permeate outwards rich hues of red and orange from deep inside. Normally, this richness is blotted out by the bright overwhelming sun, like that of a photograph overexposed.

Today was different.  Out on an errand in the early afternoon I was compelled to delay course and detour through the park.  The brilliance of the blue sky was richly intense, and I dared to find something worthy as accompaniment.   Disappointment began to set when suddenly a glimmer, warm and vivid drew my eyes and turned my head.

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Rising above the crest of a hill, golden flecks dance in the wind; the brilliant blue sky, a perfect contrast to the golden glow.  My father’s favorite of the fall colors, and in this moment, I must wholeheartedly agree. Appearing nearly translucent, these leaves of golden yellow blaze, enhanced as the full sun washes upon….., nay, permeates throughout their every fiber of being, illuminating to the fullest their glorious beauty within.