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It’s within walking distance. The route also happens to take me right past my 13 year old, 7th Grade, son’s bus stop, and my timing would be such that he and his schoolmates would be there. I’ve planned it this way as I feel it may display an important message to some of those kids. I forewarn my son of my plans and ask how he wants me to acknowledge him…… or not. With no clear answer before he bounds out the door minutes before me, I tell him I will take his lead.

Smiles rise upon my face and within my heart as I see my son bounce into view at the end of our street, away from his friends, searching for me. Eyes connecting, he bounces out of view once more until I make my turn at the corner. Standing with some girls, he casts glances towards me as I continue my approach. The first and only words I hear are, “…my mom,” as he strides over to me trying so very hard to appear casual yet plastered upon his face is an embarrassed happy grin and we continue walking side-by-side several paces before he breaks off to join a couple friends, one of whom I know, and who makes a most apparent expression of puzzlement. As I continue walking, I utter one simple word, solving the question I know lies within his mind. “Voting.”