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Do you have too much thyme on your hands?  Personally, I don’t believe that is possible. Each day, it seems, I find myself going outdoors to gather herbs for the culinary creation of the moment, and find myself most often stopping to take snippets of thyme away with me.

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This morning thyme and effort were both instrumental in the success of a potato, ham and cheese skillet.  Just ask my son, who devoured his and further polished off mine.  Thyming, I have more and more come to realize, is everything.  Baking. Broiling. Stove-top. Crock-pot.  Whipped into Spreads. Tossed into Salads.  Think that covers it all?  Here’s one for you.  Popcorn.  Ah, yes.  Melted butter (or drizzled olive oil), Parmesan, and a bit of your thyme.