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As a little girl, I was mesmerized by the craft of the spider.  From the eaves of the cottage, the spider would weave its masterful web directly across from my bedroom window of the attic.  I carry that fascination and admiration still today.  It should then be of no surprise that I enjoyed the Second Grade Halloween craft brought in by one of the room mother’s at school so many, many,………many years ago.

  • One peanut in the shell.
  • One long black pipe stem cleaner cut into 8 equal sections.
  • Punch holes in sides of peanut shell with a yarn needle where legs are to go.
  • Insert pipe cleaner sections into holes.
  • Dot a couple eyes with a black marker.
  • Bend pipe cleaners to shape legs.

Fast-forward numerous years. Stumble upon ‘bumpy’ pipe stem cleaners (aka bumpy chenille stems).  Second Grade crafted spider whirls to the forefront of my mind’s creative processing.  Evolution.

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