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Fixed my computer monitor some time back. Was told it was shot and needed to buy a new one. Gave myself a lesson 101 in electronics, I did. I am crafty, and prefer originality. I enjoy painting but not on canvas. I enjoy yard-sale shopping, especially finding something useful outside its original intended purpose.

Hmmmmm. What else?

I’ve not ever been to a winery though I would probably enjoy, given the right aesthetics. City. Country. Window Shopping. Nature Viewing. Eating/Dining (I do enjoy a good little hole-in-the-wall). Arts – crafted and performing overall. I like taking pictures. Don’t know if you’d actually call it photography. Not a water sports person, nor fishing, but if I were to get into fishing, I think it would be Fly Fishing. I like volleyball….a lot…, though have never played the same since I messed up my rotator cuff. I’ve been pondering getting into kick-boxing. I like horses and horseback riding but I am not a pro rider by any means. Hiking on wooded trails has always been good. I’ve just started bike riding and had the most amazing time doing a zip-line/adventure course recently. Pinball? Love it. I grew up playing Pinochle as well as Rummy and Spades, though rusty now. Would probably enjoy Bridge. Golf? Don’t know.

I am….. I am what? I am outside the box in one hand and enclosed in the other, eclectic by nature, enjoying many facets and overall wonders of life in the world. And oh yeah…, I like to write.